Organise Apps on iPhone Home Screen

With more and more apps being added to the app store every day, you may find you end up with an overwhelming amount of them all saved to your iPhone home screen – or multiple screens. To make life easier, it’s best to organise them in order of importance. You can even save them into folders.

Move Apps on iPhone Home Screen/s

Offload unused appsTo move the apps on your iPhone home screen/s follow these steps –

  • Hold your finger down on the home screen background
  • Once the apps start jiggling, you can hold and drag them to the position you want.
  • To move them to another page, drag them to the left or right.

Note: You may need to hold them there for a moment until it switches screens.

Create Folder with iPhone Home Screen Apps

To make folders with apps in them follow these steps –

  • Hold your finger down on the home screen background
  • Drag one app onto another. It will then create a folder.

You can have multiple pages of apps in a folder and can name the folder by holding down on it and tapping re-name. To delete a folder, open it and simply drag the apps out of it.

Use the Dock to Move iPhone Apps on the Home Screen

Use the Dock to Move iPhone Apps on the Home ScreenYou can move folders to the iPhone dock and may decide to leave them there or use it as an easier way to organise your apps and move them to other pages on the home screen. Leaving them there might not be the best idea as it’s usually prime space for essential apps such as phone, messages and contacts.

Reset iPhone Home Screen

If you make a mistake organising you’re apps and can’t figure out how to get back to how they were – for example if you remove your phone app or messages app – there’s the option to reset the home screen layout by following these steps –

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Then Reset
  • Select Reset Home Screen Layout

If you are trying to move the apps on your iPhone home screen and are finding these steps are not working, there are a couple more things you could try. The next steps may be to look at doing a clean up of your iPhone storage or completing a factory reset of your iPhone. 

If you have tried everything and it’s still not helping, it could be any number of hardware or software issues causing a glitch and we at Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs would be happy to take a look at your iPhone. Contact us today or request a quote to get started.

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