Clean Up iPhone or iPad storage with iOS11


With larger file sizes now due to higher quality photos and videos, storage space on our phones and iPads is a hot commodity. Apple devices especially have a finite amount of storage so it’s not an option to add an SD card to get more like other brands. Without enough storage you will find you can no longer take photos or videos, update your phone or apps and more.

Apple is thankfully on top of this issue so with the release of iOS11, they got smarter at helping users free up storage on their iPhones and iPads. You can now receive personalised recommendations in your settings which will help you free up storage based on your own device itself, instead of just generic suggestions. These recommendations may include clearing out photos, deleting old text messages, offloading unused apps as well as other options.

iPhone and iPad storage settings

In the settings you can see how much space your iPhone or iPad has on it and what is using that space. You can also see recommendations to clear up space plus how much each app is using. To access the storage settings and find the personalised recommendations go to:

  • Settings
  • General
  • iPhone Storage

Deleting photos from iPhoneClean out photos on iPhone or iPad

The first step is to check through your photo library to see if there’s items that can be manually removed such as:

  • duplicate photos such as ones downloaded more than once
  • similar shots such as multiple selfies you took to get a good one
  • old screenshots you no longer need
  • large videos you don’t like or need
  • anything else you find

Another option is to use a third-party software to clean out your photo library. There are multiple apps to choose from on the App Store.

Delete Unused Apps on your iPhone

The next step to make more space on your iPhone or iPad is to manually delete unused apps on your phone. The easiest way to do this is to go to your home screen and hold down on the app until the options come up. Then you can click to Remove App. In the popup select Delete App. You can choose to remove it from the home screen only but this won’t free up space on your phone. You may want to take this time to organise the apps on your iPhone home screen.

Offload Unused Apps on your iPhone

After iOS11 you now have the option of offloading unused apps on your device. This will allow the app data to stay while deleting the app itself. Should you choose to re-install if from the App Store, your data will still be there. It’s best to keep in mind that some apps such as Facebook store a lot of data so this option would be best for apps with a large file size.

Offload unused appsTo manually offload an app go to:

  • Settings
  • General
  • iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage) – Here you will see a list of Apps and how much space they are taking up.
  • Click the one you want to offload
  • On the next screen click Offload App

Turn on Automatic Offloading on iPhone or iPad

Another option to clean space on your device is to set automatic offloading. To do this go to:

  • Settings
  • App Store OR iTunes and App Store
  • Scroll down and toggle on Offload Unused Apps

Auto-Delete old Text messages on iPhone or iPad

iPhone MessageAnother option to clear out space on your device is to set auto-delete old text messages. To do this go to:

  • Settings
  • Messages
  • Under Messages History select Keep Messages
  • Select how long you wish to keep them – 30days, 1 year or forever
  • Select Delete to confirm

Setup iCloud Drive on iPhone or iPad

The final and foolproof option to save storage space on your device is to set-up iCloud Drive and ensure you have enough space to save large files such as photos and videos. The benefit of iCloud drive is that it stores data online so should something happen to your phone or iPad, you won’t lose your data. iCloud is already set-up on phones on the newer operating systems such as iOS11 but you may find you need to purchase more space for your files. The 5G that comes free runs out quickly these days.

If you are still experiencing problems with your storage after trying these tips there may be further issues affecting your iPhone or iPad. We suggest getting a reputable repairer to take a look. Here at Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs we are ready and available to fix it for you. Contact us today.