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How_to_Unlock_OPPO_Phone_Without_a_Password__5_Easy_Methods News & Latest Articles - Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs

How to Unlock OPPO Phone Without a Password 5 Easy Methods


Oppo is now the third most popular phone brand in Australia after Apple and Samsung. With more users, we start to see more people having common issues coming up.

If you have forgotten your passcode or pattern and find you can’t unlock your phone, there’s no need to panic, here are 5 easy methods to try to unlock your Oppo phone without a password. The best thing is that with most of these methods you won’t lose your data.

organize-iphone-apps News & Latest Articles - Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs

Organise Apps on iPhone Home Screen

With more and more apps being added to the app store every day, you may find you end up with an overwhelming amount of them all saved to your iPhone home screen – or multiple screens. To make life easier, it’s best to organise them in order of importance. You can even save them into folders.

Clean Up iPhone or iPad storage with iOS11


With larger file sizes now due to higher quality photos and videos, storage space on our phones and iPads is a hot commodity. Apple devices especially have a finite amount of storage so it’s not an option to add an SD card to get more like other brands. Without enough storage you will find you can no longer take photos or videos, update your phone or apps and more.

how-to-sign-out-of-apple-id News & Latest Articles - Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs

How to Sign Out of Apple ID without a Password

With Apple slowly tightening its security features in recent times, it has become quite difficult for someone else to use your device without permission. Even then at times, it’s still a challenge. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password or want to change over your account on an iPhone or Apple device, it can present a small issue. We have compiled some options on how to sign out of Apple ID without a password below.

My Google Pixel Screen is Not Working and How to Fix It

Since the release of the first Google Pixel smartphone in 2016, their popularity has held steady with new models still being released today. As with all technology, they sometimes have issues and a common one is Google Pixel Touch Screen Not Working. Try these troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.