How to Factory Reset Huawei Phone – 3 Easy Ways
Huawei phones have become a popular brand in Australia today. If you find you are having problems with your Huawei phone and can’t seem to find a fix, you may want to consider factory resetting it. It’s important to keep in mind that doing a factory reset will delete everything off your phone. This is also a popular reason for doing a factory reset – if you are selling or giving away your phone. You can even factory reset it remotely (under certain conditions).

Before you do a Factory Reset on Huawei Phone

If you don’t want to lose the data – photos, videos, contacts, app settings and more, you will need to take a backup of huawei phone first (to then restore later).

It is also recommended that you charge your phone or plug it into power when doing a factory reset. If power is disrupted mid-way through it can cause all sorts of problems.

Factory Reset Huawei Phone Using the SettingsHow to Factory Reset Huawei Phone Using the Settings App

The easiest way to reset Huawei phone is by using the settings.

  • Open settings – System & updates – Reset – Reset phone
  • Tap Reset phone

You can then follow the instructions on screen to complete the reset.

How Do I Factory Reset my Huawei Phone with Buttons and Recovery Mode?

This method is especially helpful if you are having trouble with the display and can’t get into your phone.

  • Start by turning off your phone
  • Press and hold the Power button, Home button and Volume Up button at the same time.
  • Next, use the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to select the option to Wipe data/ factory reset. Use the Power button to select it.
  • Once the reset is finished, choose the option to Reboot System Now.

Your device will now be back to it’s original factory settings.

Factory Reset Locked Huawei Phone with Find My DeviceFactory Reset Locked Huawei Phone with Find My Device

Another option to factory reset a Huawei phone is to use Google’s Find My Device. You can use this method even if you have lost your phone. It could be especially helpful if you don’t want others to have access to your phone’s data. For this to work you need to have previously enabled Find My Device on your phone, have a Google account attached to your phone, the phone needs to be on and connected to an internet network – cellular or wifi.

  • Go to Find My Device on a computer or another device and sign into your Google account.
  • Once logged in, select Next, then ERASE DEVICE. Select ERASE DEVICE again and use your Google account login again.
  • Select the ERASE symbol and your Huawei phone will be erased back to factory settings.

Factory Reset Huawei Phone Using Third-Party Software

Another option for a Huawei factory reset is to use third-party software. There are various companies offering software and solutions for this purpose. The best practice is to do your homework before downloading and using any of these programs. There are some great ones and some that worst-case scenario can be spam and steal your information.

Reputable Huawei Phone Repairer

The final option if you are having problems with your Huawei phone and believe a factory reset will fix it is to take it to a reputable and trustworthy repairer to see if they can help. There are various software and hardware issues that can pop up from time to time and cause all sorts of potentially catastrophic issues. If you cannot take a backup of your phone and are worried about losing the data on it, we may be able to help. Here at Aussie Mobile Phone Repairs we can often recover data from even the most broken devices. Contact us or request a quote to get started.